OCP Staff Receives Eco Warriors Flag

The Eco Warriors Flag

John Lukas, OCP Site Project Director Rosie Ruf, and the entire OCP Congolese Staff were recently presented with the Eco Warriors Flag for the important work they are doing to protect the okapi in its natural habitat.

An Eco Warrior is an individual who cares about our environment and the diversity of life forms that share it. Being an Eco Warrior is to simply care for our environment in our daily activities and decision making. The Eco Warriors flag originated in the late 1990s when Eco Warriors from northern New South Wales, Australia, united to protect an area of high ecological value at the Timbarra Plateau. Their example became the inspiration for a united people’s environmental flag. Since then the Eco Warriors flag has become widely recognised around the globe as a symbol for cultural change.  Click here for more information about Eco Warriors.

Description of the flag: The tripod: Three logs lashed together are a symbol for unity; Colors: Red, yellow and black are in recognition of indigenous cultures worldwide; Green represents nature and the environmental movement.

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