The objective of the Okapi Conservation Project is to partner with the Institute in Congo for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN) to develop a secure, well managed and functioning Okapi Wildlife Reserve supported and embraced by local communities, based on the following programmatic areas:

  • Personnel training and infrastructure development for the protection of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve which includes: opportunities for international training for ICCN park personnel, materials, supplies, vehicles and communications systems; and the provision of housing, health care, schools and teaching materials for ICCN personnel and their families.
  • Community assistance including: the operation of elementary and secondary schools, healthy and secure water and food resources, and health care facilities, providers and supplies.

    Photo by Molly Feltner

  • Conservation education to create community awareness and understanding of the challenges to natural resource conservation in the Okapi Wildlife Preserve.
  • Alternative agricultural practices including food production and reforestation, to preserve the forest ecosystems and provide alternative methods of agro-forestry in support of community livelihoods.

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