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Okapi Conservation Project August 2014 Update

Meetings with Community Leaders ICCN organized a three-day workshop with community leaders in Mambasa (June) and Wamba (July) under the auspices of the local Administrators and the Ituri District Commissioner. The assemblies went through various methods to address insecurity in … Continue reading

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Okapi Conservation Project 2013 Annual Report Now Available For Download

Okapi Conservation Project (founded in 1987) works to protect the natural forest systems of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve and to secure a sustainable future for the wild okapi by: – Supporting and equipping government wildlife rangers – Providing training and … Continue reading

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Okapi Conservation Center June 2014 Update

ICCN Rangers Gaining Ground in the Reserve During the first quarter of this year, ICCN guards carried out patrols in the central and eastern sectors of the Reserve with support from OCP for rations, transportation and performance bonuses. During the … Continue reading

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Okapi Conservation Project May Update

School Conferences Educate Youth on the Importance of Forest Conservation Every year, OCP educators organize conferences in secondary and high schools, involving local administration and school leaders in the preparation of material for these sessions, focused primarily on forest conservation. … Continue reading

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OCP and the Okapi Featured in ANDMagazine

The Okapi Conservation Project and Okapi were featured in the most recent edition of ANDMagazine. To read the feature article, click here.

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The Notorious Poacher Morgan Killed by Congolese Army Soldiers Ends Dark Chapter for Okapi Wildlife Reserve

The notorious poacher Morgan, who was responsible for the attack on ICCN headquarters nearly two years ago, killing six people and slaughtering all the okapi at the Station has been killed by Congolese army soldiers when a disagreement over the … Continue reading

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OCP Provides New Materials to ICCN for Monitoring the Reserve

The OCP has provided ICCN with 3 new motorbikes and 5 new digital cameras to reinforce patrol and patrol post supervision as well as to facilitate regular means of verification of important protection activities and actions in the Okapi Wildlife … Continue reading

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Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) Meeting in Mambasa, DR Congo

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) organized a 4-day consortium meeting to explain the work which is planned to be undertaken with Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) funds provided by USAID in the Ituri-Epulu-Aru landscape. This essentially involved … Continue reading

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Assistance to Primary Schools

As a response to the request of primary school teachers, OCP has organized the purchase and distribution of chalk to 18 primary schools situated in and around the Reserve. Both school directors and children greatly appreciated this assistance, as school … Continue reading

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New Leadership Appointed for ICCN in Epulu, DR Congo

ICCN Kinshasa appointed new leaders for the Okapi Wildlife Reserve on January 29, 2014. Shortly after their arrival in Epulu, Senior Warden Lucien Lokumu and Deputy Warden Mubuya had several meetings including a review of the Operation Plan with partners, … Continue reading

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