The Okapi Conservation Project objectives are dependent on staff which implement the programs. Work and life in the Ituri Forest is not easy and many day to day challenges must be overcome to achieve work related goals. Simple tasks which the developed world takes for granted, including communications, transport, health care and even food resources, must be planned for and provided for the Project staff. We applaud and thank our dedicated Congolese colleagues who are able to accomplish their responsibilities under confusing and adverse conditions.

Okapi Conservation Project, Epulu, DRC
Rosmarie Ruf, Okapi Conservation Project Director, Swiss Ex-Patriot
Marcel Enckoto Napamey , Education Program Director, OCP Assistant Director, Congolese
Eleme Mutahinga Mumber, Accountant and Personnel Manager, Congolese
Muvi Yalala, Agro-forestry Program Manager, Congolese
Mbete Nguma, Maintenance Supervisor, Congolese

Okapi Conservation Project, US
John Lukas, White Oak Conservation Center Inc. President
Scott B. Citino, D.V.M., Technical Advisor