The mission of the Okapi Conservation Project is to conserve the okapi in the wild while preserving the biological and cultural dynamics of the Ituri Forest. The okapi is an endemic species of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is the national conservation symbol of the country. As a flagship species, the okapi serves as an ambassador representing the incredibleSign at Epulu diversity of species found in the region.

The objective of the Okapi Conservation Project is to protect the natural forest systems of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve by supporting and equipping government wildlife rangers; providing training and infrastructure development to improve protection of wildlife and habitats; assisting and educating communities to create an understanding of sustainable resource conservation; and by promoting alternative agricultural practices and food production in support of community livelihoods.

There are 96 Congolese people working for the Okapi Conservation Project and 110 ICCN rangers and officers who continue to dedicate their lives to the important conservation work at hand.

Founded in June 1987, the Okapi Conservation Project will celebrate its 25th year in 2012!

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